5 Reasons to Form a Fantasy Football League Today – Don’t Miss Out!

MilSpouses, listen up: I know you don’t want to think about fall yet. I know it’s still 80 degrees out. But I also don’t want you to miss out on what could be your best addition to fall since Starbucks debuted the #PSL.

So, while we have a few lazy days of summer left, it’s that time of year to gather friends and family and set a draft date.

I know some of you are well-aware of the camaraderie a fantasy football league brings to a family scattered across the globe and are counting down the days until you can claim Drew Brees and Antonio Brown for your own and then breathe a big sigh of relief.

But for the rest of you? I need to let you in on a little secret:

Fantasy Football is a game-changer for families separated by thousands of miles who are looking for a unique way to connect. Here are my top 5 reasons for you to form a league of your own today:

  1. Connect with Family and Friends Who Live Far Away: Besides immediate family living under our roof, our league consists of my sister and brother-in-law, a few friends, another brother-in-law and a nephew who all live in a different state. Playing against each other week after week provides friendly competitive banter over texts leading up to the games and definitely smack talk afterwards. In the off-season? We might go months without communicating. My sister and I have made trades, discussed match-ups, and raced each other for free-agents.
  2. Connect with Deployed Service Member: Have a loved one who’s deployed? Do they have reasonably good WiFi? Then they are a perfect candidate for being included in the league. My husband joined in the fun from halfway around the world. This offered a connection to home for him, and common ground to discuss weekly strategy over video chat with our sons. Speaking of sons….
  3. Connect with Your Kids: My teenager has been managing his own team since he was 6 years old and when I’m having trouble connecting with him, all I have to do is bring up fantasy football and we’ve got at least an hour conversation ahead of us, discussing quarterback ratings, and who to sit or start.. My youngest son is 7 and last year he drafted Todd Gurley, so you know we were all chasing him as the league leader for much of the season.
  4. Distraction: Do you have a deployed service member? Distraction is the name of the game. Between countless websites devoted to fantasy football strategy and deciding who to bench this week, hours can easily be frittered away. Before you know it, you and your loved one can cross another day off the countdown. It doesn’t have to be so time consuming, but the possibility is there should you need it.
  5. Root All Weekend Long: You may have a favorite hometown team you have been cheering for since you were a kid. I sure do (Go Hawks!). But if they lose, it’s a bummer and you have to move on with your day. With fantasy, your team is made up of players from many teams, so it’s a full Thursday-Monday weekend of rooting and hoping your player will make the catch, allowing you to cruise to victory over your spouse.

Besides bringing a family together from all corners of the world in the spirit of friendly competition, fantasy football makes every Sunday a reason for a party. I love any excuse to make that dip and those wings. And the party platter stashed deep in the cupboard? Bust it out and plan some tasty football party foods because the gang will be hungry and the banter will be loud.

ESPN and Yahoo will both walk you through the league-forming process. If you know nothing about football, these websites offer weekly projections and advice, which can help you decide who to play week-to-week. Really, as long as you don’t start a player during their bye week, you’re golden.

What about the draft? If your league members are local, a draft party is the way to go, but we use the online auction-style draft, which is perfect for connecting across the miles. My husband set his alarm for 3 am while deployed to be online for the draft with the rest of our league.

And if you still don’t think you’re up for it? Listen. You’ve played Tetris with the moving truck. You’ve navigated through Tricare referrals. You can do fantasy football. Believe me, with the confidence you’ll gain after just one win under your belt, you’ll be trash-talking your nephew in Tennessee in no time.

So? Study up. Rank your picks. Choose a team name (I’ve been managing Momma’s Team and holding my own for 6 years now).

Plan your draft night and get ready for 4 months of connecting, competition and football. And an entire off-season of bragging rights!