Brave Crate: A Military Spouse’s Ace in the Hole

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to start Crossfit together. It was a noble idea, us working out together, trading high-fives following box jumps and pull-ups. It didn’t take long, however, for him to realize that we could buy similar equipment and set up a home gym in our garage instead of paying a monthly membership fee. We ended up quitting Crossfit in favor of the daily guilt twinge when stepping right over our shiny new kettlebells on the way to the car each morning. You see, even though he had set us up with all the equipment I needed to exercise, I never actually got it done.

It turns out, I am all about the social aspect of exercise.

Maybe it’s the instructor telling me what to do, or maybe it’s the comaraderie of sweating alongside another human being. So, when my friend stopped by my house, tossed me a pair of grippy socks and drove me to her barre studio, I couldn’t have been more thankful.

This was during a particularly tough deployment, and I needed stress relief and human interaction more than ever!

That’s why I absolutely love the January Brave Crate theme, “Sweat-Sesh.”

What’s a Brave Crate?

Brave Crate is a subscription box with a different theme each month. Created by a military spouse to support military spouses through deployment with full-sized products, countdown calendars, and a challenge card to help spouses focus on something other than wallowing in self-pity on lonely nights.

I know it’s the new year and many people have fitness-related goals, but this theme is particularly personal to me. When everything was falling apart around me during that deployment, (you know, broken dishwasher, broken sprinklers, broken microwave, leaky faucets, etc.), exercise helped to clear my head and get perspective.

Magnet from Graceful Sage. Much needed reminder during deployment.

What’s In The Box?

This box includes a reusable water bottle, super cute headbands, hair ties, diffuser bracelet, inspirational magnet, a protein bar, and daily journal for goal setting. There is also an opportunity to earn discounts on ZIYA gear just for tracking workouts! Deodorant is also included, and the monthly challenge prompts spouses to pass it along in a care package to their deployed service member.  

Head bands and hair ties…yes and yes!

One thing I love about this box is it includes a 30-day free trial membership to Annie Peguero’s Badass Mama Warrior group! This means access to streamed fitness videos and a Facebook group for encouragement and accountability with fellow warriors. Brave Crate subscribers get to workout without leaving home and don’t have to give up the social aspect of fitness I so desperately craved.

Brave Board

Probably my favorite part of the Brave Crate is gaining access to the Brave Board, a Facebook community connecting military spouses going through deployment. I seriously would have been all over that Brave Board just to know that I wasn’t alone. Brave Board participants also gain access to encouraging and inspiring webinars relating to the theme of the month.

When your energy is completely depleted during a deployment, what could be better than receiving a subscription box to lift your spirits? Especially when the box is full of inspiration and encouragement, fantastic products and monthly challenges to focus on?

Reserve Your Box Today!

A Brave Crate subscription would make an excellent gift for a military spouse going through a deployment, or a wonderful pick-me-up for yourself. Focusing on self-care instead of simply counting down to homecoming day might be the best gift of all.

Get yours today!

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