The IF:Military Movement is on the Rise

I visited Dallas this past weekend, and it was my first trip ever to Texas. I’m not sure why I expected it to be warmer, but even the Lone Star state couldn’t escape from the cold front sweeping the nation. It was freezing. And I didn’t pack adequately. But, besides sprinting down the sidewalk from my hotel and the Toyota Music Factory where IF:Gathering was held, I was mostly inside. So, why was I in Dallas anyway?

There is something called IF:Military, a new branch of IF:Gathering, that compelled me to book a plane ticket and leave my family for a couple days. I’ve come home sick, so this is going to be short.

And I’m writing a more comprehensive piece on IF:Military for Daily Mom Military, so I’ll link to that article in a week or so.

For now, here’s what you need to know: IF:Gathering, in it’s sixth year, exists to equip women for discipleship. In other words, encouraging women, whose aim is to follow God, to build authentic relationships with one another.

While IF:Local groups have created a way for small groups to form and livestream the IF:Gathering conference, IF:Military is a new focus. Many military spouses desire true friendships with other Christian women, but it can be hard to find one another when moving to a new duty station.

There are 2 ways military-affiliated women can get involved with IF:Military:

Use this link to find a location for the one-day IF:Military event on March 2nd. A condensed version of IF:Gathering will be streamed on this day in homes and venues worldwide.

IF:Table is the other way to get plugged in. These are on-going monthly events where a small group of women get together over a shared meal for intentional conversation about life and faith.

This is so needed in military communities today. Loneliness creeps in and finding others to connect with regularly is vital! I am super excited to host an IF:Military streaming event on March 2nd and also host tables this year. It is exactly what I believe women are looking for, and meeting other leaders in Dallas who are bringing this message to their duty stations is really encouraging.

That is all for today, more to come on this.