Re-Cap: InDependent Wellness Wednesday Experience

If you’ve paid any attention to of my social media posts this last week, you’d have seen that I was the Wellness Wednesday guest for InDependent, a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of military spouses. I had just attended InDependent’s 4th annual Military Spouse Wellness Summit, held the first week of March. Well, it was virtual, so “attended” is a loose term.

Summit participants had access to ten interviews with leaders in the health realm, who inspired listeners to live more intentionally.

Often times it seems like we are living at the mercy of the military, and it was so refreshing to be reminded that we do, in fact, have some control over what we eat, how often we exercise, our thoughts, and what we do with our money and time.

March is also National Nutrition Month, and InDependent is focusing on “eating on purpose” all month long. They have a Wellness Spotlight each week, where a military spouse shares their wellness journey, and encourages others through a video and blog post.

As a dietitian, I was thrilled to be the guest last week. It was scheduled for March 13th, my oldest son’s birthday and Registered Dietitian day (it falls on the second Wednesday of March every year).

Everything was lining up perfectly.

I had set up the kitchen so I could easily show viewers my favorite healthy snacks, pre-cut frozen Costco veggies, and weekly menu board. I counted down to 10 am when I was scheduled to go live on Facebook, and I think you know what happened next. The video wouldn’t work. I panicked, thinking it was me being technologically challenged, but come to find out, Facebook was down for millions of users worldwide.

All set! Wellness Wednesday Take One!

Ok, then. So much for Wellness Wednesday.

Were you affected or did you enjoy the forced break from social media?

I left the kitchen in disarray for a few days and ended up shooting the video on Saturday. Here you can watch the Facebook Live if you haven’t seen it already. I talk mainly about how to set yourself up for success by taking time to plan weekly meals, grocery shop and surround yourself with nutritious foods that you can reach for. I share my latest finds, mostly from Costco, my favorite mayonnaise, as well as my go-to cookbooks.

Warning: I had notes and my eyes kept darting between the phone camera and my note sheet (taped to a standing cereal box). I settle down a few minutes into the video, but it’s alarming at first! Next time, I think I’ll go with no notes. Remember, I’m still a beginner when it comes to videos and social media! If you watched the entire 26 minute video and are not related to me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really did put so much planning and thought into what I wanted to share.

In addition to the video, my blog post for the Wellness Spotlight can be found on InDependent’s website here, which I’m much more comfortable directing you to. There’s a reason I mostly write instead of speak!

I am convinced more than ever that military spouses must take care of their own health since they are often responsible for children and find themselves solo parenting.

The work InDependent is doing to make wellness resources accessible to military spouses is commendable. I was more than happy to jump in and join the conversation last week!