“Flying Solo” Brave Crate Unboxing

I opened my eyes and forgot for a few seconds what day it was. Disoriented from a good night’s rest, it all came flooding back. I was five months into my husband’s deployment, very near the halfway point. I think I was supposed to have “hit my stride” by then, but each day brought more challenges. Taking care of three kids, a house, and myself for months on end seemed more than I could handle. The kids wanted pancakes, and just as I reached for the spatula, I discovered a thousand tiny ants marching along the counter, making their way across the kitchen. This, after our dishwasher had recently broken, sprinklers needed repair, and my oldest kid broke his foot.

I had heard of the “deployment curse” where everything that can go wrong will, but I was confident it wouldn’t happen to me. Trying to put out fires (thank goodness not literally) daily left little room for taking care of me. I usually slumped onto the couch in the evening with a bowl of ice cream, wishing I had someone next to me who understood, and dreaming of the day my husband would come home and make everything better.

If this narrative sounds familiar in any way, I need you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way. I so wish Brave Crate had been around during that disastrous deployment. Brave Crate is changing the game completely. This military-spouse owned company sends monthly themed boxes filled to the brim with goodies you would not typically take the time to buy for yourself. It is so fun.

And beyond the products, Brave Crate subscribers gain access to the most supportive, encouraging online community of other spouses going through deployment. I know I could have used a listening ear and some positive encouragement during those tough days. Additionally, subscribers are invited to helpful webinars. This month’s theme is “Flying Solo” and the webinar is a Space-A Workshop with travel expert Stephanie Montague from Poppin’ Smoke. How awesome is that?

What I love most about Brave Crate is the company’s mission to make deployment count, not just the focus on the count down (although calendars are provided because let’s face it, we’re all crossing off the days). Monthly challenges inspire subscribers to make the most of the time apart from their spouse and see deployment as a window of opportunity. Seriously, we can all benefit from that perspective!

I received the July “Flying Solo” Brave Crate for review, so let’s dig in to the goods!

This Wild Ride Journal & Photo Book by Heidi Swapp is perfect for documenting your travels this summer, whether you take a trip or have yourself a staycation. Story Line Journal Stickers accompany the journal and add some style to your memory book.

The Aztec Cell Phone Crossbody by Riah Fashion is the showstopper of this box. The pattern adds a punch to your outfit, and it’s function screams, “we got you!”. Keeping your cell phone handy at all times means never missing a call from the other side of the world. Because you never know when that call is coming! The Bluetooth Selfie Stick is compact, but expands so you get that perfect shot without having to awkwardly ask strangers to take your picture.

My husband is the one who brings home yummy new treats from the store, while I typically buy the same old staples on our grocery list. That’s why I love that Poppy Blend Popcorn was included in this box, because during deployment, I miss someone bringing home fun goodies. And this size is perfect to “pop” into your purse during travel.

If you’re road-trippin’ this summer, the “Slow Ride” Sloth Air Fresheners by WIT will keep your car smelling fresh, even if there are stale French fries under the seat, goldfish crackers smashed into the car seats and a sippy cup filled with who knows what sliding around the floorboards. No judgement here.

While Brave Crates can’t stop the deployment curse, they bring a monthly surprise in the mail box and a totally supportive community. Knowing there is a company taking care of you will give you that much-needed boost to roll up your sleeves and get everything else done at home. What a gift!

Visit Brave Crate today and receive $5 off your first box with discount code: KARA