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I’m Kara Ludlow, registered dietitian nutritionist, and pizza lover. I read cookbooks like juicy novels, feel most alive with my toes in the sand and could not live one day of this life without Jesus. A Pacific Northwest native, I’m currently living the California dream in sunny San Diego with my husband and three energetic children.

I’ve been at this Navy wife gig for 19 years and between motherhood, military moves and deployments, I'm convinced our physical, mental, and spiritual health is deeply connected. I'm here to get real about wellness even (especially) in the midst of uncertainty and the demands of daily life.

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here!

Beyond this blog, I am also a freelance writer. Here is where you'll find my writing, geared towards serving military families, prior to my pivot towards healthy living for all:

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Expect the Unexpected


Wellness Spotlight

My personal blogs have been featured numerous times on MilSpouseFest's e-newsletter "The Sip".

I treasured my years as a mentor with the Military Spouse Advocacy Network, connecting with new spouses and offering encouragement and guidance. If you're a brand new military spouse, head over there now!